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Organizational learning in mining companies

"After hearing a seminar on organizational learning, a mining company executive argues that this perspective ignores the fact that mining companies cannot rely on knowledge alone to stay in business. They also need physical capital (such as digging and ore-processing equipment) and land (where the minerals are located). In fac

Gillette's Branding Strategies

I need help with the attached case study(Gillette). Questions: Responses to EACH question MUST be a MINIMUM 400 word. Q1 Gillette has successfully convinced the world that " more is better" in terms of number of blades and other razor features.Why has that worked in the past?Whats next? Q2. Some of Gillette's spokespeopl

Ritz Carlton Case Study

I need help with the attached case study (Ritz Carlton). Questions: Responses to EACH question MUST be a MINIMUM 400 word. Q1.How does the Ritz-Carlton match up to competitive hotels? What are the key differences? Q2.Discuss the importance of the "wow stories" in customer service for luxury hotel like the Ritz-Carlton. R

Arimount Deodorant Strategies

Please use the response from the previous guidance. Guidance on Marketing Plan for Arimount Deodorants 1. Situational Analysis To conduct a situation analysis, an organization has to do its internal environment analysis and external environment analysis and thereafter a SWOT Analysis is done to identify the strengths and w

Marketing Microcomputers

Four potential markets for microcomputers for expansion include Toronto (Canada), Paris (Europe), Tokyo (Japan) and New York (United States). Discuss the challenges of values based business decision making ethics in the current marketplace. Assess the current social and political climate of each. The three that are the best fit

Louis Vuitton Branding Perspectives

Consider the attached Louis Vuitton case Study. Q1. How does an exclusive brand such as Louis Vuitton grow and stay fresh while retaining its cachet?. Q2.Is the counterfeiting of Louis Vuitton always a negative?.Are there any circumstances where it can be seen as having some positive aspects? Reference: Kotler, P., &

Disney's Brand Expansion

I need help with the attached case study( Disney). Q1. What does Disney do best to connect with its core consumers?. Q2. What does the risks and benefits of expanding the Disney brand in new ways? Reference: Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2012). Marketing management (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

competition & market assignment

I have to provide an open subject assignment for competition and Market course, stared up with the competition and market analysis of (Airbus/ Boeing) and got stuck! Any related NEW topics relating the competitive and Market course will be accepted.

Nordstrom, Customer Service, Brand Loyalty, Risks, & Competitors

I need help with the attached case study (Nordstrom). Questions: Reponses to these questions should be at least 400 words. Q1. How else can Nordstrom continue to provide exceptional customer service and increase brand loyalty? Q2. What are Nordstroms greatest risks, and who are its biggest competitors? Reference: Kot

Cisco & Brand Management & Consumer Awareness

I need help with this project( Cisco Article). Q1. How is building a brand in a business-to- business context different from doing so in the consumer world. Q2.Is Cisco's plan to reach out to customers a viable one? or Why not? Reference: Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2012). Marketing management (14th ed.). Upper Saddle

Apple iPhone & Pricing

I need help with these two questions. What price adaptations should Apple iPhone include in its marketing plan? Be specific. Also, can you describe and discuss any changes I would make in the pricing of Apple's iPhone. Be specific and provide examples.

Applications of cross price elasticity values

Explain in more detail how exactly the measurement will take place Original question: Can we use the concept of price elasticity to identify a brand's competitors? How would that work? Your response: Yes, you can use the price elasticity concept to identify a brand's competitor. For example if you are a coffee drinker who

Input Use and Price Elasticity of Demand

Select a good or service (input) used by your firm or by you when performing your job. a. Select two factors (for example revenue, technology, or the relative price of a substitute input) and discuss how a change in each would alter the use of the input. b. For this input is your firm's price elasticity of demand relat

Marketing Ethics

Do marketing ethics really have anything to say? Select two ethical issues (for example, bribery, child labor, or safety) recently in the news and discuss their relevance to market selection and targeting a developing country. Draw conclusions from the results of your peers' research, ask questions, provide statements of cla

The 4Ps in Global Marketing

Select one of the 4Ps of marketing and discuss how it may be adapted for various multinational and global markets. Give real-world examples of adaptations. For 2-3 markets of interest to you, describe and explain the adaptations. Draw conclusions from the results of your peers' research, ask questions, provide statements of

Marketing Communication Model

The Scenario & Challenge: (This should be a Masters level paper) You are the owner of a new Shreveport, Louisiana-based pet shop named Animal Alley. Animal Alley specializes in serving the wants and needs of owners of almost every small animal available for domestic ownership, with most of its emphasis being on dogs, cats, an

5 Star and Amtech

Read the Chapter 14 case study "5 Star and Amtech" on p. 455. In at least one paragraph per question, answer all three discussion questions. 1.Using the competing values model in Exhibit 14.3, what type of culture (adaptability, achievement, clan, bureaucratic) would you say dominant at 5 Star? At Amtech? What is your eviden

Business Strategy And Business Marketing

Instructions 1. Title page 2. Introduction a. Propose your healthcare firm. b. Compose the services and/or products offered. c. Prepare a need for the strategic and business plan. d. Compare the difference between the strategic plan and a business plan. e. Relate Force and Focus f. Distinguish is the driving force

"Needing the Unnecessary" by James B. Twitchell.

Read the article "Needing the Unnecessary" by James B. Twitchell. (The article is easily found by conducting an Internet search using the words in the title.) How is luxury defined? Do you agree with this definition and with the role of luxury in society?

Market Research—Myth or Reality?

Attempts to understand the theory of marketing may take a number of avenues. Much research has been undertaken that focused on the impact of the practice of marketing and the results of these marketing activities as they apply to the theory of marketing. Based on your current understanding of international, multinational, and gl

PowerBar Analysis...

I'm trying to conduct a thorough analysis of PowerBars' customers, competitors, market, and environment from the perspective of PowerBar. What are the key strategic questions? What additional information would you need? How would you obtain it? What are the threats and opportunities? How is the market segmented? What are the key

Demand Management Problems

Question 1: A San Antonio stockyard uses about 200 bales of hay per month and pays a broker $80 per order to locate a supplier who handles the ordering and delivery arrangements. Its own storage and handling costs are estimated at 30 per cent per year. If each bale costs $3, what is the most economical order quantity and how ma

Marketing research plan with secondary data

Please propose a marketing research plan to obtain information to address a given situation. (For example, a research plan to understand student's preferences for a coffee shop or a hangout, in order to launch your own business). First identify and use sources of secondary data in your research and then only conduct a primary re

Different Market Research Techniques

Hi, can you please help to review the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of any two out of the several data collection methods choosing one from each one of the bigger categories, which are qualitative and quantitative research. Review and evaluate different types of market research techniques, providing examples.

Explain the factors that affect buyer behaviour

Consumer's buying behaviour is determined by economic, psychological, sociological and cultural consideration, these factors make up the motivation mix of the customer, discuss the influence of each one of the above mentioned factors in detail, providing a real examples.