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    New product launch - organic beverage

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    Put yourself in the position of an entrepreneur who is developing a new product to introduce into the market. Briefly describe the product. Then develop the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy for marketing the new product. Be sure to discuss:

    - The overall strategy
    - Characteristics of the target market
    - Why that target market is attractive
    - The positioning strategy

    Provide justifications, in the form of research, for your decisions and include at least three references to credible sources outside of the course and its required readings/ media.

    Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, well written, and formatted according APA Style

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    The product selected for this assignment is organic beverages such as organic coffee, organic juices, etc.. The product will be made from finest organic ingredients sourced from all over the globe. The company will offer new and unique flavors in its organic coffee and juice categories, thereby making its products one of the finest and unique in the market. The company's strategy to offer premium, innovative and unique organic beverages that not only offer health benefits to consumers, but also excel against competitors in terms of taste and variety. The company wish to differentiate its offering on account of quality, variety and taste.

    The company will make its products available to consumers via leading retail chains, both in the natural products space as well as other big box retailers such as Walmart, as well as via neighborhood organic product retailers and retail outlets. The company ...

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    Discusses strategy, positioning, target market related to launch of organic beverage.