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    Discuss Safeway Operational Activities

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    1. Provide a brief description of Safeway, its main business and operational activities and a short synopsis of the main developments of Safeway over the past few years of Safeway. Include some financial information such as the stock price, its profitability, and other financial information you find relevant.

    2. Explain why you chose this company, i.e. what makes it interesting to you personally.

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    Safeway was incorporated in state of Delaware in July 1986. It is retail company that sales foods and drugs across North America. At present the company is operating its business from almost 1.739 stores across California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, the Chicago metropolitan area and the mid Atlantic region. To support its operation the company has a well managed distribution network, manufacturing and food processing ...

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    The solution discusses Safeway operational activities. Stock prices and profitability is examined.