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    EFAS &IFAS tables

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    I really need some assistance with this assignment. I'm horrible at Excel and it is information overload. Please look at the Safeway website for the content. http://shop.safeway.com/corporate/safeway/Investor_Relations/

    Upon researching the site, I need to complete an IFAS, EFAS, & SFAS, all in Excel. (Not very good working with excel tables, points will be deducted if created in a word table) I do not need comments on the IFAS & EFAS, but I do need to have comments on the SFAS.

    Once the tables are complete, I need to analyze economic, socio-cultural political-legal, technological, and financial data to recommend strategic alternatives and recommend a strategy, then I must justify my available strategies and the one(s) I will recommend. After recommendations, I need to discuss how to implement the strategies that I recommended. Finally, I need to describe how to evaluate the performance of my implemented strategies.

    Total number of pages is 8-10. The excel tables count as 3 and I need 5 written pages along with an abstract, introduction and conclusion, as well as a reference page. All in APA format.


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    // In the following paper, we will learn about Strategic Factor Analysis Summary of Safeway. We will learn what strategic alternatives are present for Safeway and how it can improve its strategy. We will also learn about how Safeway can implement those strategies. Further, we will learn the methods of evaluation, which Safeway can adopt.//


    This paper deals with the strategic factor analysis of Safeway. This paper will discuss the internal and external factors of the organization. It will help in learning about the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the organization. This paper will also help in learning about the political, socio-cultural and political-legal environment of the organization. Finally the paper will recommend a proper strategy for the organization and ways to implement and evaluate it.


    Safeway is a food and drug retailer. The company Operates in US and Canada. Safe way operates its supermarket stores through several brands including Safeway, Vons, Dominick´s Finer Foods, Carr-Gottstein Foods, Genuardi´s Family Markets, and Randall´s Food Markets. Safeway has an extensive network of distribution, manufacturing and food processing facilities. Safeway not only gives priority to it's customers but also serves community as a whole (Always Changing for the Better, 2010).

    It bears environment responsibility which has given it entitlement as one of the nation's largest commercial buyer of renewable energy. The company has its operation across the North America. The company has 12 retail-operating locations and 13 distribution and warehouse centers in US and 4 in Canada. They did not want to lose the customers to the rivals and want to shift their potential customers to their online purchase location thereby increasing the total purchase.

    // Now we shall analyze the strategic factors of Safeway and what other strategies it can use for improvement. We will also learn how it can implement, evaluate and control those strategies.//

    Strategic Factor Analysis Summary

    Strategic Factor Analysis Summary helps in the analysis of the strategy of a company in accordance with its environmental factors like political, legal, economic, technological and socio-cultural factors. These are factors, which are faced by every organization. In order to recommend strategic alternatives it is necessary that an analysis of external and internal factors is done. External factors of an organization include opportunities and threats that an organization faces, whereas internal factors of a company include its strengths and weaknesses.

    Internal Factor Analysis of Safeway


    The company's strength consists of a deep analysis of the financial, strategic and operational factors. Safeway is only two year old but has developed as a well known organization. High percentage of the stores of Safeway has remodeled into lifestyle format (Dunne, 2007). It is a leader store in most of its foods products and it has the ability to tailor product to the customer demands. It has in-depth understanding of the different markets and accordingly innovate the product for each market.

    Apart from matching the diversity of its ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1953 words.