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    Creating a Motivational Environment

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    Creating a motivational environment or a scenario that allows salespeople to achieve success can be accomplished through many methods. Do research and choose a sales contest for the salespeople who work for a company (you may choose the example). Name the brand, the product, and describe the details of the incentive program. Within your response, include and cite at least one relevant quote from your textbook.

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    For the purpose of this assignment, let us take a new organic beverage named "organo". Organo is a unique beverage made from organic ingredients and healthy ingredients to rejuvenate people. The main USP of the product is its health benefits. The product is free from any harmful chemicals and is completely organic and healthy.

    The company is planning to go nationwide with this product by selling this product through large, big box retailers as well as small specialty stores and neighborhood stores throughout the country. The company has appointed salespeople in major states/cities throughout the country.

    In order to motivate and encourage the salespeople for achieving desired level ...

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