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    Environmental Variables and Organizational Motivation

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    Identify variables present in the environment (culture, market competition, economics, regional conflicts, regulatory restrictions, etc.) that impact motivational strategies at the individual and organizational levels. Consider a wide variety of potential influencers. A scan of a major newspaper or general news magazine will reveal a number of factors to consider. What are strategies that leaders can use to manage these variables and make changes to the organization's motivational strategies? Provide examples and rationale to support your opinion.

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    The first variable in the environment is culture. There is a culture in which employees favor information technology related firms. Further, there is a culture that encourages people who work for companies with perks that are talked about (Craig . T, & Campbell.D, 2012). Google food is talked about in several circles. Wegman's employee health policies are discussed in university canteens. If an organization can provide an employee benefit that is valuable and talked about it is a powerful motivator (Wlodarczyk. A, 2011). The second variable in the business environment is market competition. During globalization, foreign offices are required to act fast and make decisions at short notice. Giving authority to employees in foreign offices to make decisions is a strong motivator. It makes employees feel empowered.
    The current economic ups and downs have led to the squeezing of income of families. At this time the best strategy for motivating employees is high compensation (Craig . T, & Campbell.D, 2012). For example, the Boston Consulting Group pays each consultant when hired a salary of $139.000 a year. This is a strong motivator and improves performance. Regional conflicts create a sense of insecurity in the minds of people. The need for security for home country employees is very high. If a company provides strong and visible armed security, there is strong motivation for the employees. Foreign companies having operations in Sudan have strong private security. This motivates their employees. Remember that Maslow Theory ...

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