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    Kraft Foods Group Overview

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    I need an overview of a current company/product/division that should include the context of the organization (currently in existence in manufacturing whereby a market expansion plan can be built upon the organization chosen). The overview should describe the context of the organization, articulates the vision, mission, and strategy, and discuss the sources of competitive advantage and describes the business opportunity.

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    I will choose the Kraft Foods group for this assignment. The company is a newly created entity after the demerger of Kraft Foods Inc. Kraft Foods Group is one of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in North America. The organization is focused on becoming the leading food and beverage organization in North America by focusing strongly on developing products that consumers love. The newly created entity is committed to offering sustainable, nutritious and healthy products.

    The mission of the company is to become the best food and beverage company by offering products that consumers admire and by creating performance based culture that excites and motivates employees. The company's strategy is to offer unique, world class, innovative and healthier products to customers by creating a performance oriented and innovation focused ...

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    This solution provides an overview of the mission and strategy of Kraft Foods group.