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Strategic Analysis of Kraft Foods: Vision, Mission, Set of Values, and Stated Goals

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Begin your strategic analysis of the Kraft Foods Company by evaluating the company's mission, vision, values and goals. To do this, follow the following procedure:


Step 1: Visit the official company website of the Kraft Foods Company, and identify the company's vision, mission, values, and goals.
Step 2: Critically evaluate the mission, vision, values, and goals
Step 3: Determine which (if any) of the elements consider the goals and needs of specific stakeholder groups. Write down any examples.
Step 4: Consider what changes are needed to improve the vision statement, the mission statement, the statement of company values, and the company's objectives and goals.

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Kraft Foods Company's vision statement is: "Make Today Delicious", and the mission statement is "Helping People around the World Eat and Live Better". Its values are: "We inspire trust. We act like owners. We keep it simple. We are open and inclusive. We tell like it is. We lead from head and the heart. We discuss. We decide. We deliver." Its goal is to continually grow the number of options in its portfolio that give the consumers better choices for healthier and more wholesome foods. It has set sustainable business goals. Its most ambitious goal is "Creating a more delicious world".

This vision of Kraft Foods Company, "Make Today Delicious" is not appropriate for today's consumers. The vision should give a picture of the company in future. It should be an inspiration, and the framework that will guide the strategic planning of a company. Currently, there is rising health consciousness in the USA and the world. In this context, focusing on "delicious" is not pragmatic. The mission statement should drive everything else the company does. It must be an internal anchor. The mission of Kraft Foods Company includes the words Eat and Live better. However, the products of Kraft have repeatedly been hauled up in court because they have trans-fat. There are also some other unhealthy nutrients in Kraft products. Not only that, Kraft has been found to make false claims on its packaging such as "a wholesome choice" on Teddy ...

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