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    Polo Ralph Lauren and Consumer Decision Process Model

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    Please help me - choose a product or service that you connect with as a consumer. In a well-researched essay, explain how the company has used the consumer decision process model to effectively market the product or service to you. This essay should detail the strategy based on the model, explain why the strategy was successful for you as a consumer, and judge how the company should move into the future.

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    Consumer decision process model for Polo Ralph Lauren.

    The company has used 7 steps of this model including Need recognition, search for information, pre-purchase evaluation, purchase and consumption, post-consumption evaluation, and divestment to successfully market their product to me. The first step of need recognition is accomplished by the company through their effective international marketing strategy as Polo Ralph Lauren is unique in clothing in which it is a brand that is worn by Kings, Heads of State, and regular people too. The company advertises in a format that induces strong positive imagery in the buyer and allows the buyer to relate to the company. The company has established a niche for branding that elicits a sense of sophistication when wearing their products hence the reason the Prince of England or myself wears the clothing. I personally like that no matter what country I travel to internationally, as I travel often, the brand Polo Ralph Lauren will be respected and worn by those in any society including average people and those in ...

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    Polo Ralph Lauren and Consumer Decision Process Model