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    Use of ETS testing

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    Many applicants for master's level degrees are required to complete an ETS exam such as GMAT or LSAT. These tests measure knowledge and skills. One measurement is for the often-used construct of intelligence. Do you believe these tests adequately measure an applicant's abilities and potential for success in higher education? If so, what measures do you feel need to be assessed? If not, what traits, abilities, or types of intelligence do the tests fail to measure?

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    Tests of this type are good to gain some insight into the technical skills and knowledge of the person, but they are limited in identifying the soft skills and abilities to "do" things required. They are also not good for analyzing people who can perform well, but are limited in their ability to take tests, especially those in written form. There are far more people who do not test well, due to their text anxiety and fears, than testers and ...

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