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    some question about the MUJI brand

    Could any one can help me with the marketing environment question (including the reference and citation) please? analyse the marketing environment for MUJI, analyse the microenvironment and the macroenvironment for MUJI provide a brief description of the main environmental factors that are important to understanding the m

    evoked set method of evaluating purchase alternatives

    1) What are the three components of the evoked set method of evaluating purchase alternatives? Describe each. 2) Identify and describe six methods that can be used to develop a communications budget. Choose a business you know and suggest a method that business should use to develop its communications budget, and explain why y

    Market Segmentation and Strategies

    Please reference the Instructions attachment first. Please then reference four attachments, Kaiser 1, Kaiser 2, Sears and Kmart 1, and Kmart Marketing Plan. I am looking for updates to my responses within each attachment. Please provide updates in separate attachments. The first two attachments are about Kaiser Permanente, a hea

    Brand Marketing Mix

    Take on the role of a brand manager. Then consider that the population of the United States is changing (yet again). One of the big trends is that most new immigrants are non-European and have limited English-language skills. ● Discuss how you can use these population shifts as an opportunity for your brand by adjus

    Segment the market and which one we should use.

    Kmart 1. Review the different ways to segment the market and which one we should use. 2. List all the segments and the buying behaviors for each segment (do not include the marketing mix). 3. Which segment will we target? 4. Which marketing strategy will we use (market development, product development, market penet

    Article review on marketing student expectations

    Here is some question that I dont know how to answer, are there any one could help me to answer the following question, 1, explain and explore the objectives of the study, its underlying methodological assumptions and how the analysis undertaken helps achieve research objectives. identify and discuss limitations 2.what con

    Article reviews for hypothesis and variable explanation

    Please use the two articles on the topics of hypothesis testing and independent/dependent variables. The articles should provide an example of the terms and how hypothesis testing can be used to solve a real-world problem. Please provide at least 300 words summary for each article.

    Rewriting an interview statement

    Hi. I have a Video interview and would like to talk for 60 seconds about my department based on the following information: Mission -To lead a comprehensive company-wide Information Security Program and act as an independent function within the Company. -The CISO Office promotes information security awareness, improv

    Tows Matrix and VRRO Analysis

    Please respond to the following based off of the other attachment. 1. Summarize data with TOWS matrix and VRRO analysis for the corporations (Sears and Kmart). 2. Please prepare Competitive analysis via Competitive Perceptual Map or competitive matrix. Please analyze the companies compared to each of the competitor's stren

    marketing research and its role in an organization.

    Please describe marketing research and its role in an organization. A.C. Nielsen is a leading research company. Visit the website at http://www.nielsen.com/us/en.html. What are some of the key services offered by the organization that solve the challenges of organizations? Finally, what is an example of an ethical dilemma that

    Health Care Organization: Performance

    Research Assignment Instructions: There are three types of market share. Describe each one. In your opinion, which one would be more beneficial for a health care organization to use to measure their performance in market share? Provide detail with examples. Requirements: Submit your essay in a Word document. This ass

    Company Marketing

    1. Suppose you created a company video. What would you do to enhance the chances that it will go viral 2. Discuss a recent purchase noting the pre-purchase awareness, pre-purchase brand consideration, purchase or behavioral engagement, and post purchase noting how a company could enhance each. 3. How do Marketers Measure Qu

    Market Segmentation Analysis and a Value Proposition

    Create the Value: Market Segmentation Analysis and a Value Proposition Brand - Craftsman tool from Sears Holding Co. a detailed analysis of a potential market segment and a description of the proposed value proposition. The report should be about 1,000-1,250 words and include a minimum of three references. Please use the A

    Technical Selling as It Pertains to Pharmaceutical Companies

    Instructions: There are many types of sales jobs. Explain the relevance of technical selling as it pertains to pharmaceutical companies. Provide detail. Requirements: Submit your essay in a Word document. This assignment must be at least 400 words, with references cited properly in APA format, and a cover page (APA format).

    Compare three franchises

    Compare three franchises (e.g., franchise.org, americasbestfranchsies.com, or whichfranchise.com). Choose two franchises in the same industry (e.g., fast food) and the third franchise from another industry (e.g., hair cutting). Make a table to report the fee structures (upfront, continued licensing), as well as benefits touted f

    Brand Marketing

    Select a brand that most are not so familiar with. What type of personality does the brand have. What are the key product features or qualities that define the brand? For the brand selected, introduce a new brand association and how it could add to the products value. Introduce a brand extension that would fit within the product

    Small Business Marketing Plan

    Develop a Marketing Plan for a Trophy & Engraving shop. Develop the situational analysis, executive summary, goals and objectives, advantages, strategic focus, the market analysis, implementation, evaluation and control, competition analysis and SWOT matrix.

    Barnes n Noble Case Study

    See attached case, and provide the following. 1.Case Recap. 2.Problem Identification. 3.Identify the root problem components. 4.Marketing Mix (discuss 5 P's - product, price, place, promotion, and people). 5.Social Media: Analyze the current social media plan . 6.SWOT (Note: Identify four strengths, four weaknesses, fo

    Social marketing

    See the attached file. Social Marketing Plan Proposal Write a marketing plan proposal for the social issue that was the subject of the Identification of a Social Cause Memo assignment. Identify a social cause that would benefit from a social marketing campaign. Then create a written marketing plan strategy that addresses th

    Marketing Consumers

    1. If consumers are being deluged by sensory over stimulation, what can a marketer do to cut through the clutter? 2.Using the principles of classical conditioning or operant conditioning, design two specific marketing objectives for a specific nonprofit Provide a description. 3.What should ads say to help brands make the first

    help please

    The Marketing Memo on page 577 in your textbook entitled "How To Run A Successful Brainstorming Session" outlines eight ground rules that experts feel ensures success. What additional two ideas can you add to the list that will promote a successful outcome? Be creative in your answer. Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2012). Marke

    Positioning Statements

    See the attachment. Write three different positioning statements for your social cause. We want (TARGET AUDIENCE] to see [DESIRED BEHAVIOR] as [ADJECTIVES, DESCRIPTIVE PHRASES, SET OF BENEFITS, OR WHY THE DESIRED BEHAVIOR IS BETTER THAN COMPETING BEHAVIORS]. ______________________________________________________________

    Computer Company Apple Promotion Methods

    Select a product that you might want to purchase in the future for example an expensive television or car. Examine the methods of online marketing versus those of traditional marketing of that product. 1. Which website provides the lowest price? How does this compare to the typical local retailer price? 2. Which website provid

    Price and a Customer-Oriented Perspective

    Note that the concept of price more usefully represents a customer-oriented perspective taken by marketers, rather than only "What we charge the customer." Thus, an effective pricing strategy necessarily takes into account barriers to purchase, i.e., sacrifices required to obtain a product or service, as well as the prospect tha

    Promotional Mix

    Most promotional strategies have several elements to what is called the "promotional mix," which may include various forms of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, product placement, packaging, and personal selling. Choose a product and discuss the promotional strategy for this product. What do you think are it

    Criticism of Products and Products with Consumer Value

    Marketing is often criticized for providing products and services that are, e.g., targeted to vulnerable consumers, bad for the environment, not needed, cost too much, socially dysfunctional, or even bad for those who want and use them. Provide a few examples that prompt these criticisms. Are there any good examples of mar

    Disintermediation and Internet Distribution

    Have you ever heard of the term DISINTERMEDIATION? This means to flatten an organization - removing one or more links in the distribution chain. In recent years, the internet has been a source of disintermediation as products traditionally sold through physical retail outlets can now be distributed directly from the manufac

    Brand Names in Marketing

    Why are brand names so important in marketing? Provide examples of good and poor branding. Explain these selections. (Google "good and poor brand names" for help on these questions and be sure to cite the sources you use). How does distribution influence your opinion of the brand, positive or negative? Give examples.

    Assessing the effectiveness of a website

    Visit a website of your choice. Analyze the effectiveness of the website with an eye on the stakeholders and the objectives of the site. 1. Identify the stakeholders and how the website is attempting to reach each group. In your opinion, are they successfully reaching each group? Why or why not? 2. Are there provisions on the

    Costs Involved in Making A Product or Service

    Take a position between these two views: Prices should reflect the value that consumers are willing to pay versus Prices should primarily just reflect the cost involved in making a product or service.