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    Whether marketing creates or satisfies needs

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    Q1. State the opposing ethical arguments about marketing: Does marketing satisfy or create customer's needs and wants? Compare and contrast these arguments in terms of benefits and detrimental effects on individuals, businesses, and the societies or nations in which they function. Finally, evaluate the arguments, supporting your stance for one argument over the other. (20 points) (A 1-page response is required.)

    You are the marketing manager for a video rental chain. You have been asked to define the major competitive spheres within which your company will operate. Respond to the following competitive elements. (30 points) (A 2-page response is required.)
    1. Industry
    2. Products and Applications
    3. Competence
    4. Market Segment
    5. Vertical
    6. Geographical

    You must appropriately cite all resources used in your responses and document in a bibliography using APA style.

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    Market is a place where buyers and sellers meet and marketing is a process through which individuals obtain what they want by creating and exchanging products and value with others (Does marketing..., 2011). Marketing is a business function through which companies satisfy customer's needs and wants through products and services created by them. Over the years marketing has evolved from just satisfying customers needs to creating needs.
    Benefits and Detrimental Effects:
    Individuals: Marketers have learned how to motivate customers by providing them with additional information and expose them into buying unneeded products or services. This pushes them into a spiral of depth and unmet satisfaction. On the contrary there are arguments that marketing does not create, rather only enlightens wants
    Businesses: Companies analyze the current market situation and identifies opportunities that aim to meet unfulfilled customer needs (Ferrer, 2015). As a result, companies are able to find niches in markets which enable them increase market share. On the other hand in the process of creating needs companies increase competition in the marketplace and lead to unethical practices for gaining the market share.
    Societies or nations: Individuals needs are shaped by societies or nations in ...

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    As the marketing manager for a video rental chain, it will be essential to identify the products and applications, competence, market segment and geographical coverage