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    Steps in Personal Selling Process & Data-Driven Marketing

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    1) What are the steps in the personal selling process? How would you generate leads and handle objections?

    2) Identify and describe the three primary types of data-driven marketing programs.

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    A. The steps in the personal selling process involve the following:
    1. Prospecting. This is the process of searching people or institutions who are most likely to benefit from the product or service being offered. The company collects the relevant information such as their name, addresses, phone, purchasing history, and other data that is essential to the company.
    2. Pre-approach. As the term implies, this is the stage when the sales person gathers more detailed facts about a prospect such as the ability to buy, the need of the product, accessibility, likes, dislikes, financial status, etc. By learning more about the prospective customer, the sales person will gain more confidence in approaching him or her because he knows more information and he will be able to plan for an effective approach or strategy and at the same time, prevent serious errors that might hinder the success of the selling process.
    3. Approach. The sales person meets the prospect in person to understand him better. This is the most delicate and critical stage of the selling process and determines its success or failure.
    4. Presentation and demonstration. The core of the sales process, presentation is the result of a sales person's efforts to win the prospective customer. It will be plethora of articles and information as well as effective communication of the product or service and how it can be beneficial to the prospect. To demonstrate is to provide testimonies and proofs of the product's or service's features and performance.
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