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Personal Selling and Customer Focus

Would you prefer to sell to businesses or consumers or both and why?

My perspective is selling to consumers as the business market is more volatile. One would need to familiarize themselves not only with the business they are wishing to sell their products/service but also their customers of the business as that is the end user which will affect the ultimate demand.

However, it could also be according to product within the market - as some consumers are brand driven where business markets are price driven. Thus, they focus on the price of the product/service and the customer service/attention to detail/service one would bring.

**I was curious or wishing for another opinion on the matter - as opinions can always assist in the learning process.**

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1. Would you prefer to sell to businesses or consumers or both and why?

You have made some good points. When a person first plans a business venture, the 4 P's all come into play in deciding who, what, where, when, why and how (what else). In other words, to succeed, businesses must attract and retain a growing base of satisfied customers. Marketing programs, though widely varied, are all aimed at convincing people to try out or keep using particular products or services. Business owners should carefully plan their marketing strategies and performance to keep their market presence strong. Usually, the type of business and the product/service that you want to market determines to some extend whether your customer is individual customer or business. Individual ...

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