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    Direct Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Traditional Marketing

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    1) Identify and explain in detail the six forms of direct response marketing.

    2) What is guerrilla marketing? How is it different from traditional marketing?

    3) Identify and explain the factors that are necessary for effective point-of-purchase displays.

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    A. Direct Response Marketing is a strategy designed for prospects to make an immediate response or take a specific action toward a higher level of product or service interest. With a direct response marketing strategy, prospects are made to opt in to the email list, pick up the phone to ask for more information, or go to the specific web page to make an order. A direct response ad is trackable, measurable, with compelling headlines and sales copy, targeting a specific audience, makes a special offer, demands a response, with short term follow-up, and usually has a system for maintenance follow-up of leads that haven't converted yet. (SuccessWise.com)
    Direct marketing has various forms such as personal selling, direct0pmail, catalog direct, telephone marketing, direct-response tv, kiosk marketing, digital, and online marketing.
    Direct-mailing is sending a prospect an offer or announcement at his specific address. Catalog direct marketing involves the use of both printed and Web-based catalogs. Telephone direct marketing is the outbound telephone marketing wherein a sales agent sells directly to customers through phone. It also include the inbound phone marketing where sales people receive orders from customers. ...

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