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    Stock favorites in healthcare industries

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    1. What is your favorite stock at the moment and why?
    (Related to the Healthcare industry)

    2. Which stock do you find in intriguing, but you haven't made up your mind?

    3. If you had a a brokerage account with a million dollars, what brokerage account would you use and what stocks would you buy and why?

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    1. Favorite Stock - UnitedHealth Group (UNH)
    Dec 31 close at $117.64
    Healthcare sector is the perfect blend of defensive and growth corporate strategies. Innovations in oncology, immunology, and other treatments are poised to drive long term performance globally. The increasing aging population will rely on healthcare benefits spurred by affordable care act, UNH could be poised for next phase of growth. Strengths of UNH are in areas such as revenue growth, return on equity, stock price performance and earnings per share. The stock is expected to outperform rating and $140 price target on shares. The dividends are expected to increase by around 12% for the fiscal ...

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    Stocks to buy in healthcare industries are examined.