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This post addresses healthcare and government regulation.

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Why might healthcare organizations require greater governmental regulation than companies in other industries.

Do you believe that healthcare is a right or a privilege? Discuss the ethical considerations for your position.

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Why might healthcare organizations require greater governmental regulation than companies in other industries?

There is greater governmental control and regulation in healthcare than in other industries because of the pricing structure involved in healthcare. There are many healthcare services that are so costly that there really could be a no-ceiling situation on services if there was no government control. We see this now with medicine. Many brand name medicines go into the hundreds of dollars for a small amount of pills. Although there is no government regulation over prescription medicine prices, it has been discussed by the government and we will likely see this happen within the next several years. If governments didn't control healthcare services, the people with no insurance would never be able to afford many of the more expensive services that were required for their health and well-being. This would turn into a situation where patients would literally be poor ...

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This solution discusses why healthcare organizations require greater governmental regulations than companies in other industries and if healthcare is a right or a privilege. The ethical considerations are also discussed.

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