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    Article reviews for hypothesis and variable explanation

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    Please use the two articles on the topics of hypothesis testing and independent/dependent variables. The articles should provide an example of the terms and how hypothesis testing can be used to solve a real-world problem. Please provide at least 300 words summary for each article.

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    Camill, 2006
    This article is interesting in that it starts with comparing science teaching with investing. This allows the reader to see the inconsistencies with only using one or two methods of teaching to engage students, much like how investing in a single investment can limit or ruin the experience of investing. It does well in explaining the terms of variables, without being boring and it allows the reader to experience the value of hypothesis without being called to review the work of the actual study. Imagery is a good value when explaining research and statistics because many find the subjects boring and difficult. The associations and more subtle value of the definitions as revealed, help to establish the "picture" of the case.

    The case study uses tables and other statistical data presentation to help explain the methods and data gathered and how it is used to create the conclusions reached. The article is also good for noting how different terms are used. They author notes that case studies are used and explains how lab work is used for ...

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    Two articles are reviewed for their ability to explain hypothesis testing and variables.