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    Brand Marketing Mix

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    Take on the role of a brand manager. Then consider that the population of the United States is changing (yet again). One of the big trends is that most new immigrants are non-European and have limited English-language skills.

    ● Discuss how you can use these population shifts as an opportunity for your brand by adjusting each part of the brand's marketing mix (that is its product, price, place and promotion).

    (Note: Obviously the first thing a brand can do is speak to these new groups in their own language, and this is a good approach for the brand's marketing communication. However be sure to focus on how marketing managers, given these demographic shifts, can adjust each part of the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion and positioning) to create opportunity and growth for their brands. Move beyond adjusting just the promotional part of the marketing mix.)

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    Consider the objective in business marketing deals with uniqueness strategies that increases brand identity as well as awareness; thus, the United States population shifts for new immigrants should incorporate "specification" on products advertisements. Focus on the following aspects for future research, such as:

    Try and think product development that caters to the needs of the new immigrant that incorporates (a) an item familiar to their culture but with a native USA feature or capability, i.e., electric shavers or hair dryer with numerous control options. Keep in mind, the ...

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    The review into brand marketing mix. The expert discusses how you can use these population shifts as an opportunity.