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    Market Segmentation and Strategies

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    Please reference the Instructions attachment first. Please then reference four attachments, Kaiser 1, Kaiser 2, Sears and Kmart 1, and Kmart Marketing Plan. I am looking for updates to my responses within each attachment. Please provide updates in separate attachments. The first two attachments are about Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare provider. The third attachment is in reference to both Sears and Kmart. The fourth attachment is in regards to a Kmart Marketing Plan. I also included a couple of other attachments as guides if need be.

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    As we at Brainmass as experts are expected to provide you online teaching assistance only and not the complete printable solutions, please find attached herewith notes, ideas and detailed assistance as per the queries raised by you. Since I am able to attach only three attachments, please find marketing mix query for the K- Mart Marketing Plan as text as given below. Other specific queries have been addressed in separate attachments. These will help you in developing the solution.

    K-Mart's Marketing Mix for Low Income Consumers
    Product/Service Offerings - K-Mart is ...

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    The solution provides instructional guidance on market segments, marketing strategies for these segments for the companies - Kaiser Permanente, K-Mart and Sears