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    Barnes n Noble Case Study

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    See attached case, and provide the following.

    1.Case Recap.
    2.Problem Identification.
    3.Identify the root problem components.
    4.Marketing Mix (discuss 5 P's - product, price, place, promotion, and people).
    5.Social Media: Analyze the current social media plan .
    6.SWOT (Note: Identify four strengths, four weaknesses, four opportunities, four threats).
    7.Sound alternatives/Measurements (Note: propose at least two possibilities).
    8.Recommendations (Note: fully justify your recommendations)

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    1.Case Recap.

    Focus on the case primary objective dealing with (a) competitive advantage in book readers (b) marketing strategies for market place edge compared to competitors, such as, Amazon's product line; Kindle. In review, the case recap hones on the research conducted by Wendy Hall and Atul Gupta along with additional research studies from primarily mention; Albert Greco and Robert Wharton of Fordham University as the lead researchers for (1) predictions for the book industry - and (2) book sales trends in the future.

    Try and think in terms of recapping the case study on the above areas along with Barnes & Noble assessment in sustaining profit margin, marketing consumer share, and brand identity for long-term results. Thus, the case study outlined the major categories mainly in (a) adult trade (b) juvenile trade (c) mass market paperback (d) religious € college textbooks and Elhi - Elementary and High school - with the following main elements for booksellers pursuit for researching in terms of the following criteria:

    a) Publisher's net dollar sales (the case study researchers primary objective is to utilize "comparative analysis" in determining of prior successes or failures - make note of lacking sales from one year to another and review any changes in book trends, i.e. newer technology products that challenges the traditional book sales business model)
    b) Publisher's Units on the amount of units books sold during a particular year (try and think in terms of changes in volume due to ...

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    The review into Barnes-n-Noble business strategy for market advantage from a case study.