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    marketing research and its role in an organization.

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    Please describe marketing research and its role in an organization. A.C. Nielsen is a leading research
    company. Visit the website at http://www.nielsen.com/us/en.html. What are some of the key services offered by the
    organization that solve the challenges of organizations? Finally, what is an example of an ethical dilemma that may occur
    in marketing research?

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    Marketing research represents a systematic and objective search by an organization to identify and analyze relevant information that can assist the company in becoming a leader in their industry through effective marketing. Its role within the organization is to be utilized in a systematic and objective manner to create a detailed and carefully designed plan to attract consumers through marketing research that focuses on a variety of aspects within the market such as the product, sales, buyer behaviour, promotion, distribution, pricing, packaging, etc. Marketing research requires for the organization ...

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    Marketing research and its role in an organization is determined.