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    The Skip Pattern Questionnaire and Its Uses

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    Give a example of a skip pattern on a questionnaire. Why is it important to always follow the skip patterns correctly?

    What purpose does a scatter diagram serve?

    What should marketing research do in order to play a more strategic role in the organization?

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    An example of a skip pattern on a questionnaire, is a situation where there are a number of questions that ask the respondent to give his or her opinion about a given subject, by rating the significance of the subject in some manner. Usually the respondent is asked to rate some characteristic attribute on a scale of 1 to 10 etc., and if this individual happens to rate the attribute very highly, he would then be directed to skip a number of following questions, whose sole purpose is to ascertain why certain individuals scored certain characteristics very low on the given scale. It is important to always ...

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    The solution describes the skip pattern questionnaire and its uses.