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Motor Skills and Movement Pattern Development


Dynamic physical education for elementary school children (16th ed.) companion website. Retrieved from http://wps.aw.com/bc_pangrazi_physed_16/

Katsiyannis, A. & Yell, M.L. (2000). The Supreme Court and school health services: Cedar Rapids v. Garret F. Exceptional Children, 66(3), 317-326. Retrieved from ProQuest Database.

The videos will show individuals performing various motor skills and movement patterns. I would like some input and thoughts on the following questions...

What performance level is being exhibited: beginner, intermediate or advanced? Reflect on your own motor skills development and how you were able to hone your skills in any one area. Can you remember what methods you used to increase your skill? Can you remember moving through the developmental levels? Does development or ability create the "I was picked last..." situation in P.E. classes?

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I don't mind sharing opinions but the Professor is really asking you for your reactions and experiences. You can compare them to mine if you wish, but of course, my experiences are not yours. I cannot see the videos because I don't have an access code.

I was very clumsy as a child. All physical ...

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