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    Physical development activities for preschoolers

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    In order to better understand physical development in young children please provide me with a couple examples of activites that support physical development in preschool children. Describing the type of development the activity supports and what premises must the teacher keep in mind when they select the activity for the children, how could a child with special needs be included in the activity.

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    I searched Google using the key phrase "activities for physical development in children" and got ten million, two hundred thousand hits. These are the sites from only the first page of returned hits. You will have no difficulty researching this topic! Some of these sites are more scholarly than others, but they all appeared to offer good advice.


    Some of the activities suggested by this site included the following general information and examples:
    How Children's Bodies Grow
    A number of principles regarding physical growth can be helpful in understanding a child's physical development.
    ? Directional Growth
    First, the growth of a child's body follows a directional pattern in three ways. Knowing this is important so expectations of a child's physical abilities are appropriate. The patterns of development are:
    1. Large to small muscle or gross to fine motor development _ Large- to small- muscle development means large muscles develop in the neck, trunk, arms and legs before the small muscles in the fingers, hands, wrists and eyes develop. Children can walk before they can write or scribble.
    2. Head to toe or top to bottom _ A second pattern is children's muscles develop from head to toe. This is why babies can hold up their heads long before they can walk.
    3. Inside to outside or center to outside _ A third pattern is muscles develop from the center of the body first and then toward the outside of the body. Muscles around the trunk of the body develop earlier and are stronger than muscles in the hands, feet, etc.
    ? General to Specific Growth
    Large-muscle movement begins with waving of the arms and legs of infants, and it then develops into the ...

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    Discussion of children's growth and development, plus Web sites and URLs on this topic. Discussion of activities designed to support gross and fine motor skills in these young children, including mention of special needs children.