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    Physical Development Standards

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    For this discussion, please choose either a focus on fostering fine motor or gross motor skill development. Develop a curriculum/activity plan designed to foster either fine motor or gross motor development in two (2) year old children. Include your implementation plan and assessment plan for the activity and an analysis of how the plan supports learning standards.

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    "Vaida takes the point of view that any movement of the human body requires motor skills. If it is developed correctly, motor skills will combine (Vaida, 2010). The study looked at factors, which contribute to the development of motor skill strength (Vaida, 2010). Vaida looks at strength as less influential from a genetic point of view (Vaida, 2010). The researcher looks upon strength as being important to any movement the body can make (Vaida, 2010). Vaida refers to age, sex, and daily rhythms that have as an objective to the development and muscular contraction (Vaida, 2010). Capacity for this begins at the age of seven (Vaida, 2010)."

    Physical exercises, which developed this capacity, take into account body weight exercises with external resistance, the resistance of the partner exerciser or static exercises (Vaida, 2010). Specialist in this area recommended, depending on the age of the child, lifting weights, power training, and isometric exercises. Prior to the age of 10, strength is developed based on improvement of coordination (Vaida, 2010). She does advocate isometric exercise because it can put a strain of the child's heart (Vadia, 2010). Also ...

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    The physical development standards are examined.