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    Developing Learning Outcomes

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    Review the lesson you described in the Unit 1 IP. (see attached)
    Write a brief summary of the lesson.
    Develop 5 terminal course objectives (TCOs) for the lesson using the ABCD (audience, behavior, conditions, degree) method of writing objectives.
    Create 3 cognitive objectives, 1 affective objective, and 1 psychomotor objective.
    Use Bloom's taxonomy verbs to specify the level of the cognitive objectives, and label the level after each objective. Label the affective and psychomotor objectives as well.
    Take 1 of your objectives, and write 2 enabling objectives to help the learner reach the terminal course objective.
    These objectives must be original and new. Do not use objectives from any previous class or any other source. There will be no need for any citations or references because these must all be your own thoughts and ideas.

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    Developing Learning Outcomes
    The lesson plan is Aerobics for Kids in the age range of Grades 4-5. It entails dance, movement, exercise, choreography, health and motor skills and the abilities of the children to practice and benefit from learning how to do them. It brings out the creativity of the children to develop new patterns and techniques.
    Five Terminal Course Objectives
    Five terminal course objectives (TCO) for the lesson plan using the ABCD (audience, behavior, conditions, and degree). The four parts of the ABCD Objectives are defined as follows:
    1) Audience
    Who ...

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