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Hospitality Marketing Effectiveness Memo

Assuming the role of a marketing consultant for the selected hospitality organization and selecting any hospitality organization such as a hotel, restaurant, fast-food operation, or convention bureau (ex. Hilton, Starbucks, Burger King, Marriott, McDonald's)

o Prepare a memo to the selected organization's CEO in which the effectiveness of the organization's marketing strategies are evaluated by:

o Researching the selected organization and its marketing efforts. Using this research, identify the organization's target audience.

o Identifying the message conveyed by the organization's marketing efforts. Does the message properly target the organization's target audience? If so, how? If not, how can the organization modify its marketing strategies to better target its target audience?

o How do the organization's marketing strategies affect the organization's brand image? Are they effective? Do they support the brand image that the organization's is trying to convey?

o Finally, explain the importance of internal marketing for the selected organization.

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The solutino looks at Starbuck's marketing for this question in approximately 1,000 words. Soution is given in memo form with 2 references.