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Market Research of Charmin

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My topic is on P&G, focused on 'Charmin'. I need help in answering these questions that display the crucial role market research has to play, and also if product managers are using it effectively.
- Does marketing research influence the product's competitive advantage? Why or why not?
- Does market research play a role in the distribution channel decision?
- How is market research incorporated in the advertising stage?
- Include whether or not you believe market research is conducted only at the beginning of the product life cycle and explain your rationale.

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Market research is extremely important for any organization to assess consumer's needs and preferences, purchase behavior, attitude, competitive scenario, industry and economic scenario and consumer's perception towards a particular brand, product or service. In short, market research is an indispensable exercise for any organization to formulate its strategic and marketing plans for winning customers or for converting potential buyers into actual customers.

My chosen product- P&G's Charmin has been using market research effectively to identify consumer's needs and preference, usage pattern and buying behavior and perception about the company's ...

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The expert discusses the role of market research for Charmin, a P&G's product.