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brand names and product categories

Go to the websites of these two companies
and www.pg.com ) and spend some time poking around.

I want for you to locate a listing of their brand names and product categories and find out all of the different consumer products they control.

Are you surprised at the number of product categories these companies are involved in?

Did you know that they controlled these brands? Did you always assume that the brands were owned by different companies?

What do you think this type of consolidation does in terms of pricing? Do consumers pay more or less in the end?
* Any other thoughts or comments??

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Let's start with Altria. They own Philip Morris International and Philip Morris USA. The International division produces seven of the top 20 best-selling global cigarette brands. Marlboro, which has been the best-selling international cigarette brand since 1972, and L&M, which is now the No. 3 brand in the world. Other brands include Philip Morris, Chesterfield, Bond Street, Lark and Parliament. The American company is the largest tobacco company in the USA, and has half of USA ...

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Brand names and product categories are discussed.