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    Read Video Case 6 (page VC10 in Appendix 1 of your textbook) - "Case in Point: Proctor & Gamble." To get an additional view of the company, visit P&G's website at www.pg.com. Look at the annual report to develop a list of the company's product lines and then look in your own cabinets to do an inventory of how many P&G products you have. Why do you or don't you buy P&G products? Coupons? Price? Availability? Brand Loyalty? Quality? Or other factors?
    Finally, summarize the case, including your inventory and answering questions 1 and 3:

    Q 1. What are some of the product dimensions that P&G targets?
    Q 3. Discuss targeting and brand extensions from the retailer perspective.
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    Proctor & Gamble: Product Dimensions & Brand Extension

    Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a multinational corporation which operates all over the world and produces a large range of consumer products. The products of the company have covered all aspects of human life. The company produces more than fifty categories of the products. All the products of the company are branded and have a good demand in the global market. The company mainly focuses on brand management. The company always does new innovations in its products rather than continuing the same products. This makes the demand of the company's products maximum in the international market (P&G, 2009).

    P&G Products

    Proctor & Gamble, is one of the world's popular consumer goods company produces a large range of products. The product line of the company is very long. The product categories of the company include air fresheners, perfumes & deodorants, baby soaps & baby care products, batteries, colognes, cosmetics, dish washing bars, detergents, feminine care, paper products, skin care products, pet nutrition, prescription drugs, small appliances, snacks, and many more products are on the list. P&G, 2009).

    In each product category of the company, there are large variety products available. For example, in the detergent category, there is a large range of brand names of the detergents produced by P&G namely, Era, Gain, Ivory, Tide, Cheer, Dreft, etc. All these varieties of the same product category of the company have distinct brand names and particular market image. The varied products of the same category are specified with some precise features different from ...

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    The Response Addresses the Queries Posted in 1014 Words, APA References