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    Several product divisions to track for the remaining of the course

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    Select a company that has several product divisions that will be easy to track for the remaining of the course. I select Proctor and Gamble and the product is Charmin Ultra Soft. Write a product market analysis (3 - 4 page) analysis how the product is being placed in the market. The following companents should be included:

    a. Description of the product being analyzed
    b. Identification of products that are in competition
    c. Identify the target market for the product
    d. Explain how the product has been positioned in the market (including the brand's image, packaging, price, and distribution channels)

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    a. The product is a toilet tissue that is advertised as more absorbent and softer than other brands. The softness is the focus and the added absorbency is a key for most consumers. The absorbency means the consumer uses less than other brands. It comes in regular packages of four rolls and in sized up to 30 double rolls. It has two sizes of mega rolls that often require an extender to use. These can be bought from the company. There is no chemicals with a history of problems used to make the paper products. The company uses a chlorine process to produce the paper. This process is the standard of the EPA and follows their recommendations.

    b. Competition is all products within the toilet tissue industry. There are also substitutions that can be found such as tissue, paper towels and other paper products. The main competition would be for softness, and those include Angel Soft and ...

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    The expert selects several product divisions to track for remaining of the course. The products that are in competition are analyzed.