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value chain management

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Describe the components of Komatsu's (http://www.komatsu.com/) value chain Management.

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Komatsu is a diversified manufacturing company with manufacturing, distribution and sales locations spread in different countries across the world. The company manufactures a wide range of products and has different business divisions based on product types. Komatsu has various independent business divisions, subsidiaries and units which comprises of its own individual value chains and many of the business units are closely interrelated to each other.

The first major component of the value chain of Komatsu is the inbound logistics that includes receipt and storage of raw materials for its different product categories such as construction and mining equipment, compact equipment, presses, etc. It is to be noted that in such large corporations with independent business units or divisions, there are interrelationships between the various business divisions which offers opportunities to create ...

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Describe the components of Komatsu's value chain management