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    Benefits of Value Chain Management

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    How does value chain management satisfy customer requirements?

    What are some benefits of value chain management?

    How do these benefits add value to various stakeholders?

    How can these benefits be enhanced?

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    Value Chain Management & Customer Satisfaction
    The main and basic objective of implementing value chain management is to increase cooperation between production chain members by integrating extensive communication. The whole process of value chain management helps to connect the different activities of an organization. This intensive connectivity facilitates an effective floor to organization through which it enables to use the several scare resources such as time, raw material etc. at optimal level (Kannegiesser, 2008). It eventually helps to deliver maximum value to customers in least possible total cost. Through this process, organization is not only enabled to provide their products or services in less cost, but also with high quality that leads greater satisfaction among customers. In addition, value chain management also helps organizations to response quickly for their order and complainants that also creates customer satisfaction (Drury, 2006).

    Benefits of Value Chain Management
    The value chain management helps organization ...

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    The benefits of value chain management are determined. The benefits of add value to various stakeholders are determined.