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    Rewriting an interview statement

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    I have a Video interview and would like to talk for 60 seconds about my department based on the following information:


    -To lead a comprehensive company-wide Information Security Program and act as an independent function within the Company.
    -The CISO Office promotes information security awareness, improves the overall information security posture and maturity, and defines and leads the information security strategy in alignment with corporate business objectives.


    •To be a Cyber Security Center of Excellence with a knowledgably workforce that securely enables the business with a risk based approach, balancing between investments and controls.

    Also, as a team member of Information Security Risk Identification Group, which aim to identifies and assesses the risks that our company intends to manage. This is perhaps the most important section because it makes you think about the risks our organization faces so that you can then decide on appropriate, cost-effective ways to manage them. Remember that we can only minimize, not eliminate, risk, so this assessment helps us to prioritize them and choose cost-effective countermeasures

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    I rewrote and then timed it. Dependent on my tripping over words, it was 59 seconds, including the first sentence. I integrated the information from each set of paragraphs into one that flows through the entire idea. I hope it helps. Modify and edit to make better sense to you if needed.

    I work in Cyber Security. Our job is both strategic and ...

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