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    Brand Marketing

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    Select a brand that most are not so familiar with. What type of personality does the brand have. What are the key product features or qualities that define the brand? For the brand selected, introduce a new brand association and how it could add to the products value. Introduce a brand extension that would fit within the product line.

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    A brand name is the name of the distinctive product, service, or concept. A brand that most are not familiar with is Hobo, which consist of bags. Brand personality consist of a product's constant set of characteristics that its consumer can express. Hobo's personality includes: (1) glossiness, (2) delicate and bendable material, (3) varieties of semicircular shapes and sizes, (3) lengthy strap, (4) roomy inside, (5) no pockets, and (6) humped posture ...

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    The expert selects a brand they are not familiar with and determines the personality which the brand has. The key products features or qualities that define the brand are determined.