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Attacking a Category Leader

Respond to the following: Attack, Follow or Create a Niche Collapse Total views: 3 (Your views: 1). My most recent purchase was based on habit. I bought the usual brand that I buy because of its ability to meet and exceed my expectations. To gain some to the target customer base a market challenger must first define

Case Analysis: GE

1. Analyze the case study "General Electric" available at Include responses to the following questions in your analysis: • Why did GE implement a limited distribution strategy? • How was GE able to evoke an emotional buying experience for custom

How to Attack a Market Leader

Attacking a leader is always difficult. Some strategists recommend attacking a leader head-on by targeting its strengths. Other strategists disagree and recommend flanking and attempting to avoid the leader's strengths. A market leader as defined here generally has the largest market share in the relevant product and market

Finite Product Lives - Prince

Reply to the following: With technology always evolving, it is inevitable that technology based products lives may be short lived. Most technology based products are experiencing highly unstable markets with increasingly short product life cycles due to rapid technological innovation and market competition (Aytac & Wu, 2013)

Finite Product Lives - Fergurgur

Reply to the following: Personally, I believe that all technology products will come to an end due to the fact that another product will be developed to produce better results. A perfect example of this is the IPod classic, whose sole purpose was to play music, store pictures and possibly play videos. Apple is currently disco

Finite Product Lives - Deschaine

Reply to the following: Technology is continuously changing on a daily basis. This makes companies who are directly dependent on distributing electronic products vulnerable to failure. Technology based products were being distributed at such a rapid pace, the consumer market was almost unable to keep up with the newest techno

Brand Extensions: Pros & Cons

Respond to the following: Brand extension can endanger brands because their lack of expertise in one product or service. A company can be good at some things or focus on one thing and be great and build a large loyal customer base. For example ,Nike is known for its great shoes but if Nike would expand to say something like

Are Brand Extensions Good or Bad? - Fergurgur

Reply to the following: I believe that brand extensions are an important brand growth strategy depending on the main product itself. Two main advantages of brand extensions are that they can facilitate new- product acceptance and provide positive feedback to the parent brand and company. (Kotler, 2012, p. 264) For example, au

Product Development and Brand Name

Brands can last forever as evidenced by a number of brands that are entering their one hundredth year of survival. For a brand to have immortality, it must persist to have a competitive advantage in its product differentiation dimensions. Take Tide for example, which debuted in 1946. The raw materials that produce clothing chang

Is Target Marketing Bad?

How will target marketing benefit a company and in which ways will it create problems for a company?

Value of Mass Marketing in the Modern World

Reply to the following: Mass marketing is a valuable tool to businesses and a viable way to build a profitable brand. Many companies rely heavily on modern marketing techniques such as social media, which is one way that mass marketing can increase specific brands profitability. Once a brand becomes socially acceptable, for i

The Consumer Buying Decision Process

1.What cultural, social, and personal factors are likely to most influence consumer purchasing of your product or service? 2.What research tools will help you better understand the effect on buyer attitudes and behaviour? 3.Which aspects of consumer behaviour will you emphasize in your marketing plan and why? 4.What market

Reflections of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Write a memo (approximately 2 pages) in which you (a) reflect upon the ethics of the marketing tactics used by subprime mortgage companies referenced in the articles, (b) discuss the impact of these tactics on a neighborhood of your choice, and (c) provide some recommendations as to how mortgage companies might operate more ethi

Online and Off-line Privacy

Have you noticed that some of your Facebook friends like certain advertisements? Marketers know what Facebook users like and are using that knowledge to influence users' friends. "Social-context ads" are based on data collected on the likes and friends of Facebook users. When you click on an ad indicating you like it, you give F

Market Research Methods for Consumers

Marketing research is mainly a quantitative course of action in which consumers' thoughts, actions, and purchase intentions are collected to form the basis of marketing decisions. As a consequence, marketing research involves translating actions, or behavioral intentions, into numbers. Many marketing researchers have their f

Healthcare and CEO Responsibilities

I have two questions which I need help with: 1. In health care, criticize and inspect is it ethical to have a strategic plan that, in essence, would cause a competitor to go out of business? Propose an analysis of your decision. Assess and explain the essence of marketing? 2. Distinguish and assess if the CEO should be evalu

Wal-Mart and its Mid-Life Crisis

Analyze the following case study: Maich, S. (2004). Wal-Mart's mid-life crisis. Maclean's, 117(34), 45. Include responses to the following questions in your analysis: -Is it "mid-life crisis" or "mid-life laziness" that this article communicates about Wal-Mart's marketing? Did management " lose its way" and forget the conce

Hewlett-Packard Research Funds

Will you agree or disagree with Meg Whitman's approach for Hewlett-Packard to spend more funds on research and development, rather than on continued acquisitions?

Marketing Strategy Flaws for Toyota

Respond to the following in 1 to 2 brief paragraphs (cite any references used): Public opinion changes somewhat quickly. I suppose I am a prime example. Until this module, I had completely forgotten about Toyota's recall. One would do well to remember, though, that if the public, at large, held a grudge, ford would no longer

Toyota Holistic Marketing

I would think that companies, such as Toyota, would have to have something to offer customers. Whether its a great deal on automobiles, better warranties, and would have to find a way to show that their vehicles problems are a thing of the past. Its understood and expected that vehicles will have recalls. While we don't like the

Difference Between Needs/Wants & Importance of Understanding Customers

Respond to the following in a brief paragraph (cite any references used): Why is it important for marketers to truly understand the customer? I believe that it is important for marketers to understand customers based on what their need and wants are. The more they understand, the better they can produce products that will

Fitness Software: Marketing Strategy

Begin a marketing plan for a software program that gives customer specific diet plans and workout plans dependent upon the customer's personal fitness information and fitness goals in the profile provided. Please include the following: The Name of the Software/Company Reason for selection of this product: passionate about f

Concept of facilitating an exchange

Explain how the concept of facilitating an exchange makes marketing such a universal concept. ** At least two sources and APA format. Give credit accordingly by sourcing WITHIN AND AT THE END OF AT THE RESEARCH, using quotations as to what you have referenced to distinguish between your writing and those of your references.**

Holistic Automobile Marketing

Consider the number of stories in the media over the last few years with regards to automobile manufacturing design flaws that have caused considerable personal injury and hardship. Keeping this in mind, respond to the following: -What must companies, such as Toyota, do to regain customer confidence in its holistic market

CLIO Award Winners

What do you believe is the BEST and the WORST CLIO Award TV advertisement in the past two years? why do you believe this is so? Based on the research of two (2) CLIO Award winning print advertisements in the past two years, what was it that made these successful?

Marketing Suggestions for Healthy Product

The primary message of this company is to show that their products are extremely necessary and good for health, especially for children. What basic marketing research would you conduct in order to arrive at the creation of the message for the good or service? What is that message? How would you best express this message in terms

Campaign Manager Advertising Plan

The campaign manager for a politician who is running for reelection to a political office is planning the campaign. Four ways to advertise have been selected: TV ads, radio ads, billboards, and newspaper ads. The cost of these are $900 for each TV ad, $500 for each radio ad, $600 for a billboard for one month, and $180 for each