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    Finite Product Lives - Deschaine

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    Technology is continuously changing on a daily basis. This makes companies who are directly dependent on distributing electronic products vulnerable to failure. Technology based products were being distributed at such a rapid pace, the consumer market was almost unable to keep up with the newest technology. When companies begin distributing these products they can almost guarantee they need to begin planning for the next release of more modern technology to begin arriving shortly after they stock the shelves with the "old" technology. Technology only evolves as fast as humans discover a new piece of technology, which can put a short term life span on technology based products.

    When technology based businesses are developing new products, I do believe that each model of technology that is released is only meant to be around until a new, better product is released. "Beyond this point in computer history, many changes and alterations have occurred, from the Apple-Microsoft wars, to the developing of microcomputers and a variety of computer breakthroughs that have become an accepted part of our daily lives" (Blain, 2005). I do not necessarily think that companies put a pre-determined life cycle time frame because companies must rely on researchers to find a new technologic breakthrough in order to prepare for new products. It seems as if new products roll out and the old products become obsolete, a lot of companies that are technology based discontinue their support for previous products, no matter the age of the "old" technology.

    Market conditions can dictate many things to include the life cycle of new products, especially technology based products. If the market is continuously waiting for the next best thing to arrive on super store flows, companies will push researchers harder to evolve the current technology into something better. For example, laptops have been continuously changing from their introduction many years ago and are still in high demand. When laptops became lighter, and smaller and turned into tablets kids and adults from all around the world wanted one because of the new technological advancement. With the market conditions being in high demand for these products the companies began creating new products, with upgraded features and products that could have internet without being at home etc. Market conditions truly do determine the life span of technology-based products because if the customer wants a new product, they will ultimately get it.

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    Companies that make technology products must be aware of two things: the change in technology and changes in the market forces. Companies that make technology products must continuously assess the customer needs and changes in customer demand for technology products. Technology products by their nature have short life cycles. The technology companies have a ...

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