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    Ubiquitous Ad Pitches Desensitizing Consumers

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    Can you please help me with these questions from this article - Are ubiquitous ad pitches desensitizing consumers? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Visit the website for the PR Society of America and read the article from PR Tactics and The Strategist Online entitled - Are ubiquitous ad pitches desensitizing consumers? http://www.prsa.org/SearchResults/view/1443/105/Are_ubiquitous_ad_pitches_desensitizing_consumers#.Uh_fhj-4hi4

    What is the major premise of the article? Do you agree or disagree with the view put forth? Why? Write a one-page paper discussing your answers to these questions.

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    The major premise of the article, "Are ubiquitous ad pitches desensitizing consumers?" is the constant barrage of advertisements has resulted in consumers no longer being shocked by the placement of advertisements in unique formats. The article points out advertisements now creep into consumers' daily lives, "interrupt(ing) the flow of newspaper articles and protud(ing) from magazine bindings" (Public Relations Tactics, 2007). Marketing pitches online have joined traditional advertisements. Even the bottom of television shows scroll advertisements for products and other shows.
    The article has a good point. A colorful sticker about the local tire store was affixed to my morning paper today, my coffee cup sported an advertisement for a new brand of gum, and as I drove by a local school I noticed the field had been renamed, to help bring awareness to a local company's wares. Consider even our clothes, sporting gigantic product and company placement advertisements like "Pink" and "Nike." Consumers have taken part in the commercialization of our world. ...

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    This detailed solution discusses the article entitled, "Are ubiquitous ad pitches desensitizing consumers?". It provides the main premise of the article and whether it makes sense or not. APA formatted reference included.