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    Television Advertising

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    Television has not always been a regular item in households across the world but over the past couple of decades it has. Marketing originally began on televisions that only reached individuals who had television sets and then came billboards and the internet. Although the internet is the newest and the most intriguing way to market television is still a better marketing strategy. Television still reaches millions of people per day, which includes those individuals who do not use the internet. Although there are millions of internet streaming sites, those sites still contain ads within their streaming shows that have directly aired on television itself. With all the different ways that products can be advertised through the world Television still reaches the most amount of people at one time compared to the internet and other forms of advertising.

    Take a look at major sports games such as the Super Bowl that contains advertisements approximately every 12-15 minutes. These sports games are televised nationally and internationally and when the advertisements are aired they reach millions of individuals at one time. Although the internet is the fastest way to advertise products and services not many individuals that grew up without computers own a computer or are even computer literate.

    There is a price that comes with advertising on television which can be extremely costly which deters many companies away from marketing their products through television. Although many companies prefer the less expensive way to advertise, they still rely heavily on reaching the global market through television." Technology and other factors have profoundly changed the way consumers process communications, and even whether they choose to process them at all" (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Advertising through television is still very much the most powerful medium so as the price is right for the companies.

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    The piece claims that advertising through television is still very much the most powerful medium and the price is right for companies. The paragraph makes several assumptions. The article assumes that since television reaches millions of people every day, millions of people watch the advertisements. This is not supported by evidence. The millions of people are divided among thousands of channels ...

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