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Television Advertising: Power

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Television is still the most powerful advertising medium.

I remember years ago there was a "can you hear me now" Verizon commercial, or the famous "Flo" character from progressive car insurance company. I still believe TV is a powerful advertising tool. Haven taken a "why we eat and our perception of nutrition" course a few semesters back, I learnt that successful food companies had TV commercials designed to target specific group at specific times. So for example; successful breakfast companies were profitable by airing their TV commercials during the weekend morning, (added to these cereals were toys or famous cartoon characters in the commercial) when kids were mostly known to be glued to TV sets. "Designing the communication requires solving three problems: what to say (message strategy), how to say it(creative strategy), and who should say it (message source)". Kotler & Keller, 2009, p.17).

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Designing the communication addresses what, how, who of the message. It should also consider to whom. Television advertising is not the most powerful advertising medium. Television advertising leads to waste. The audience has a low percent of target market. Also, there is low perception and recall of television messages because the message is fleeting. ...

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