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Television advertising as the dominant medium

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Television advertising is still viable. From personal experience I have seen the trend of Cable's On Demand not allowing the fast forward option to operate during viewings so I have to painfully sit there to watch the advertisements. Every opportunity to fast forward a previously recorded show is taken in my household. It presents a challenge to reach the target market by using minimal sources of communication media because of the rich marketing communication environment full of advertising options that are readily available, so marketing analytics are important. T.V is where the advertising dollars are spent most. TV advertising sector will pass the $200b revenue mark in the next five years yet drop from a flourishing 73% to just fewer than 70% attributable to free-to-air terrestrial channels (Global Entertainment & Media Marketing Leader). There are certain events on TV that will be viewed by so many, that the commercials played are a big deal. That is another reason why I don't think it has lost its advertising power, obviously it is still working with the amount of money businesses are willing to pay to get air time.

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This is definitely the reason that television advertisements are the main and primary mode of advertising. Television represents ...

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- Television advertising has faded in importance.
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