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    Marketing: Product Perception

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    The item I recently purchased was a Chrome Book as a gift for my mother. I did not buy this because of the looks, but I was very focused on functions the Chrome Book offered and the intended performance. My mother needed something simple, as she is not tech savvy and usually just googles things and enjoys online shopping. I wanted to get her something easy to use, but also something where she didn't have to worry about all the things that come with a traditional laptop. After much research I found the Chrome Book to be the best fit whereas it is mostly for internet searchers and there is no spyware needed. It was perfect for what she needed it for.

    There are several actions that can be taken by companies whose products are rated lower than their major competitors to get their target customers to buy their product. Initially they need to define their objectives and opponents. They can chose to go head to head against the market leader, go after rival companies who are equal in size who are not doing well, or they can go after small local and regional firms (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Once the company has identified their objectives and opponents, they need to decide on a general attack strategy and then a specific attack strategy. There are five general attack strategies; frontal, flank, encirclement, bypass, and guerrilla that the company could employ. I would initially focus on a flank attack and develop multiple specific attack strategies that take advantage of our competitor's market gaps, geographically weak areas, or uncovered market needs of our target customer

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    If a company's products are rated lower than those of its competitors, it should refocus on its products rather than on its competitors. It must improve its products. It must carry out market research that identifies the needs of the customers and ...

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