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    Elements of Market Programs

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    Market Programs involve which of the following?
    A) Price strategy
    B) Promotion Strategy
    C) Place (distribution/where available) strategy
    D) Product strategy
    E) Perception strategy

    Can be more than one answer; help me explain this, please.

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    Marketing programs involve all of these!

    -price strategy is important in determining how to market the product. Is it a luxury brand? If so, it can bear a higher price. Is your brand trying to compete with the market leader on price? Are you trying to gain new price conscious customers or entice customers with a cheap price?

    -promotion strategy is important in determining how the product will be promoted and where. You want to reach your target audience so you need to determine ...

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    This solution details the elements of a market program including price, promotion, place, product and perception. It gives examples and a link.