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    Brand location and socioeconomic demographics

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    Channel images must be consistent with the brand image. Different types of customers shop in different stores. Most times the store selection is based on the income of the customer. Therefore, when selling high-end products, one must use channels that are known for selling high-end products. There are many stores that are capable of selling a product, but their reputation may not exceed or compare with that of the brand that is being sold. This fact alone can deter customers with the ability to purchase the high-end products. For example, on our last case study we talked about General Electric and made mention of some of their high-end products and the channels they chose to sell and solicit their products. One of the factors in their choice was based on the reputation of the store. If the store was not well known for selling high-end products, in a sense, they were not good enough to display and sell their high-end appliances. So yes, channel images must be consistent with the brand image.

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    General Electric is a microcosm for study as it does collaborate with stores that are not considered high-end such as Wal-Mart. Nevertheless, when ...

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    This solution discusses GE brand location in both high-end and lower-end socioeconomic demographics.