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    Company Marketing

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    1. Suppose you created a company video. What would you do to enhance the chances that it will go viral
    2. Discuss a recent purchase noting the pre-purchase awareness, pre-purchase brand consideration, purchase or behavioral engagement, and post purchase noting how a company could enhance each.
    3. How do Marketers Measure Quality and Customer Satisfaction? Provide an example.
    4. New businesses are frequently launched as a means to smooth over dissatisfaction with a current glitch in the industry. Pick some industry and solve its customer dissatisfaction problem(s). For example, if you find flying annoying, or you're not happy with your dentist, what changes could you make to enter that industry and enhance customer satisfaction (and be profitable)?
    5. At times, there is a segment of customers with whom a company doesn't want to encourage relationships. For example, companies like Nordstrom's and L.L. Bean have had to scale back formerly generous return policies because customers had taken advantage of them. In somewhat of a backward form of customer relationship management, companies like Walmart and Home Depot flag customers who return three or more things in two months. Select one company and research its return policy. Discuss whether it has a strict or more of a lenient return policy (or somewhere in the middle)? How can the policy affect customer relationship management?

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    //Company marketing is related to the popularizing the products of a company and making its services and products available to the ultimate consumers. In the following context, certain methods have been discussed, which would help the company popularize its product and services.//

    1. In order to make the company video go viral, the company should make the video short and sweet so that it connects with the mass, and people are able to understand it in one view. Furthermore, the video should be posted on some popular social sites, which would enable the company to gather more crowds. Certain background music should be added to the video as it creates stardom for the video. A company video should be more focused on the corporate world and should be posted on the sites mostly viewed by the corporate people. (Pozin, 2014)

    2. Pre-purchase awareness created by Apple iPhone is done by posting the advertisement on social websites and through print media as they create viral marketing and word of mouth marketing. For a pre-purchase brand consideration, Apple uses its brand name to create the awareness. The majority of people like apple fruit and whenever they discuss apple fruit, the brand Apple will pop-up in their minds. On purchasing, the people discuss the merit and demerit of the ...

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