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Marketing Communication Model

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The Scenario & Challenge: (This should be a Masters level paper)

You are the owner of a new Shreveport, Louisiana-based pet shop named Animal Alley. Animal Alley specializes in serving the wants and needs of owners of almost every small animal available for domestic ownership, with most of its emphasis being on dogs, cats, and birds. This pet shop is scheduled to open in 3 months. Prepare a marketing communications plan that will cover the 3-month period prior to the opening and the 3-month period after the opening. Be sure to justify your marcom selections and associated timelines. To simplify this assignment, do not address matters pertaining to the marcom budget.

The Submission Requirement:
In presenting your work, incorporate the following sections:
o Title Page
o Marketing Communications Plan (body of paper; use sub-sections, tables, figures, and graphs as you deem necessary)
o Appendix (place supplementary information here; use as needed)
o References (place any references cited here; use as needed)

Citations must be prepared in accordance with the standards set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th Edition, or a similar style manual. Please ensure that you incorporate margins of 1 inch on all four sides of pages; a 12 point, Times New Roman font; double-spaced body text; and page numbers centered at the bottom of each page, including the title page. There is no page limit.

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Marketing Communications Plan (body of paper; use sub-sections, tables, figures, and graphs as you deem necessary)

Try and design a marketing communications plan centered on one theme, such as, the company' brand name and identity that hones on value. In doing so, the targeted consumer is connected to the brand product/service claims for fulfilling the consumers' wants and needs, as in, the case study example with the pet store to properly care for owner's pets. The marketing communication plan is a marcom project framework that utilizes consumer direct materials that influence and present exposure of the product / service to consumers consistently. In most cases the marketing communication plan is proactive in using every media outlet for effective showcasing the core brand message to the targeted audience in an ...

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The review into the creation of a marketing communication model for a new business.

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