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    Marketing to increase an audience

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    Read the article "Nike Faces Marketing Challenge in China: Make Running Cool" (http://adage.com/article/global-news/nike-faces-marketing-challenge-china-make-running-cool/230717/).

    Based on what you know from this article about how the sport of running is viewed in China, do you think that Nike's marketing approach is feasible? Why or why not?

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    This article represents a marketing challenge that is a relatively common issue in real life for companies and products: in order to sell more sneakers, Nike must increase the number of runners. In its very essence, the goal at hand is demand creation. Think about two situations and which one this is: (1) a highly competitive market with a lot of brands selling the same product to a considerable audience OR (2) a very small audience and therefore a need to increase the whole market, not just the percentage that the company has. Clearly, this is a case of the second. So, in trying to increase the participants, Nike is hoping to grow the entire audience. Is it about providing information and reasons to do it or ...

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    This solution discusses an article regarding marketing challenges for Nike in China.