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American Legion: Goal, objectives, strategies

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The overall marketing goal explains the "bottom line" result that will define your IMC campaign's success.

Typically, this goal represents some type of metric that contributes to the bottom line of the brand. This could be sales growth, additional units sold, penetration of a new geographic market and attributable metrics, sales to a new customer, or some other major, quantifiable and easily measured target.

Your IMC campaign objectives must contribute to the overall goal. They need to be broad and result in strategies that are implemented across earned, owned and paid media components of your campaign. Please refer to the lesson to ensure that your campaign objectives are measurable and related to your target audience only. They should be a mix of quantifiable and qualitative goals. Typically, IMC campaigns have 2-4 overall objectives.

Your strategies should all align with your objectives. Many good strategies can be implemented across earned, owned and paid media components. Typically, you will have 5-7 strategies and they do not have to be measurable. Make sure they are NOT actionable. You do not want to define tactics at this point.

Finally, justify your choice of goals, objectives and strategies. Explain why you think your target audience will help you reach the overall goal. How do your objectives and strategies align and support each other? Why are they effective choices for your target audience?

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The goal, objectives, and strategies are discussed in a structured manner in this response. The related reference is also provided.

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Goal, Objectives, and Strategies
Overall Goal:
To achieve an annual membership increase of 180,000 for the American Legion
IMC Campaign Objectives:
Persuade 2,500,000 military personnel or veterans' age group between 25 and 40 to visit http://legion.org/ at least once during the year.
To have at least 400,000 followers on Twitter from military personnel or veterans age group between 25 and 40.
To increase the subscribers on YouTube by 80,000 from military personnel or veterans age group between 25 and 40
Involve at least 25,000 military personnel or veterans age group between 25 and 40 to collaborate with the American Legion on its website in co-creation to get expressions of the movement "Join American Legion"
(See the attachment for the images)
Woodland Park American Legion ... parkveterans.com

IMC Strategies:
Use inbound marketing.
Give importance to the age group between 25 and 40 military personnel and veterans and connect with them organically.
Use intent marketing to increase the number of military personnel and veterans in the age group between 25 and 40 joining the American Legion
Communicate the convenience of enrolling for the American Legion and the practical benefits of joining the American Legion. https://usveteransmagazine.com/2017/02/why-are-the-younger-veterans-avoiding-the-veteran-service-organizations/
Talk about the fun aspects of joining the American Legion and the potential for new experiences in the American Legion.
Show the brand personality of the American Legion and use it to engage with the target audience.
Communicate that the American Legion is socially conscious, charitable, and environmentally friendly. https://www.legion.org/veteransbenefits/240502/%E2%80%98best-kind-handshake%E2%80%99-young-veterans

The justification of an annual ...

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