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The Integrated Communication Strategy Statement

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Create the Integrated Communications Strategy Statement for your IMC Campaign. Include a justification for the ICSS by answering the following questions:

Why is it impossible for anyone to misinterpret what this statement means?
What rational and emotional benefit intersection does this statement represent?
How does this statement appeal specifically to your persona?
How will you derive outward-facing messages from this statement? Create two examples as an exercise.
List the media assets you believe you will need for your campaign. This is meant to be a strong starting point; this list may be adjusted for the eventual IMC campaign. In addition, you must:

Explain how these assets will support your strategies.
Describe ways they can be used across different components and channels of your IMC campaign.
Explain how they align with and support your overall IMC strategies.

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The Integrated Communication Strategy Statement is discussed in a structured manner in this response. The related reference is also provided.

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American Legion
The Integrated Communications Strategy Statement:
The American Legion will use television, print, radio, and digital assets to show how American Legion will support young veterans in getting employment, housing, and medical services when they join American Legion.
Impossible to misinterpret this statement:
No one can misinterpret what this statement means because it gives the methods that American Legion will use (television, print, radio, and digital media) for communicating, conveying, and showing how the American Legion will support young veterans to get jobs, get affordable housing, and medical services when they retire so that they feel free, feel optimistic, and feel like when they join the American Legion. https://www.legion.org/convention/videos
Rational and emotional benefit intersection:
The rational and emotional benefit intersection is that the young person either in the military or a veteran sees rational benefits such as support for getting a job, affordable housing, and medical services when they join American Legion at the same time they get the emotional benefits of feeling free, optimistic and liked.
(see attachment for visual)
American Legion Logo Transparent PNG ... nicepng.com

Appeal to my persona
This statement appeals specifically to my persona because they are between the age of 25 and 40. When they leave the military they are especially interested in getting employment, housing, and medical care. At the same time, they want acceptance and optimism in life. Currently, the American Legion organizes job fairs. To attract veterans from the age group 25-40, the American Legion will have to provide young veterans access to online job searching platforms, career websites, and networking opportunities. Also, the American Legion will have a job search function on its website for members. When American Legion conveys the availability of these facilities to young veterans there will be an increase in young veterans who join the American Legion. Another important concern for young veterans is housing. The American Legion will be successful in attracting young veterans if its website has linkups with websites such as realtor.com, homes.com, and zillow.com (Batista, J. V. 2021). These will help veterans find suitable accommodation after they retire. https://www.legion.org/convention/videos/PLB6BF9D441DABBFCE/UtSsKwgUGec
(see attachment for visual)
The American ...

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